Klarum Arkitektur has ben selected as the project architect for analysing and develop a new service area of Stockholm Arlanda airport. 

Stockholm-Arlanda airport is a gateway to fast- growing, cultural and economic hub of Scandinavia. There have been efforts to promote Stockholm-Arlanda’s growth, including projects such as Airport City Stockholm, New Pier Terminal 5 extension, and various types of renovations throughout the entire premise of the airport, which were carried out by Swedavia. Furthermore, Stockholm will obtain its capacity to hold various scales of international events and conventions at new Convention Center near the airport, a proposal that projects to be completed in near future. As the projected use of the airport can reach up to 40 million passengers per year by 2040, the need for growth in travel related infrastructure is unquestionable. 


Located just a few kilometers away from Stockholm-Arlanda airport, modern and forward- thinking, a new business center area proposes to offer wide range of experiences such as extended lodging, and various types of meeting & conference spaces. The entire premise consists of approximately 45 000  - 50 000 m2, and will cater to visitors with complete set of amenities. The business center area also seeks to accommodate high- end Scandinavian hospitality experience with maximum comfort, and projects to become a destination for both international visitors and locals. 

Klarum Arkitektur have now emerged as the architect of part of the expansion of the planned urban expansion to service the Arlanda airport. The work includes detailed analysis as well as urban design that includes several 8 story buildings that consist of hotel, conference and office areas. The design is due to the latest building technology to make room for international companies as tenants. 

" We have a vision of creating a landmark that invites international companies to be part of the new airport infrastructure. This will add functionality, job opportunity and puts the retail and economy in focus in the greater airport area. "

- Robert Davidsun, Architect at Klarum Arkitektur 


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